Accident Reconstruction

Using physics and engineering principles, our experts find answers to your toughest questions about motor vehicle collisions and other dynamic events.

Forensic Medical Analysis & Medical Injury Causation

Our Board-Certified Emergency Medical Physician uses his expertise, experience, and training as a Board-Certified Emergency Physician to provide forensic medical analysis and medical causation opinions.

3D Visualizations

We currently work with Forensic Animation companies to create photo realistic animations. Please contact us to help get you started with your animation.

Black Box and CDR Interpretation

We have the expertise to image and interpret the data held in the “Event Data Recorder” (EDR) in most vehicles and other on board devices found on commercial vehicles. These data can include vehicle speed, brake and steering inputs, seat belt status, and other data useful to analyze a motor vehicle accident.

Expert Witnesses

We have a long-standing record of effectively communicating our findings when deposition or trial testimony is required. Our experts have qualified to testify throughout the Intermountain West in district and federal courts.

Traffic Light Timing Data Interpretation

We have the knowledge to analyze and interpret light sequence and timing data which can offer useful information in cases involving the state of the traffic signals in a motor vehicle collision.