About Us

For more than 30 years, the experts at Collision Forensics & Engineering have been dedicated to finding answers to your accident and injury questions. Staffed with ACTAR Certified Reconstructionists, a Board Certified Emergency Medical Physician, we have the tools necessary to reconstruct accidents, conduct scientific analysis, provide Forensic Medical Analysis & Medical Causation opinions, and provide expert testimony in legal settings. Collision Forensics and Engineering will continue to provide the high level of consulting services we have always been known for. We want to inform you that we are ready to help in any matter which we may be needed. We are known for reconstructing all motor vehicle collisions, and we offer the following expertise:

  • Full Analysis and Reconstruction of Passenger Car, Truck, and SUV Collisions, which includes:
    • Passenger Car, Truck, and SUV inspections.
    • Passenger Car, Truck, and SUV event data recorder (EDR) imaging (downloading) and interpretation – which looks for relevant collision data such as speeds, steering, braking, and other important data pertaining to a collision.
  • Full Analysis and Reconstruction of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Collisions, which includes:
    • Heavy Commercial Vehicle inspections.
    • Heavy Commercial Vehicle ECM imaging (downloads).
    • Heavy Commercial Vehicle ECM download interpretation – which looks for pertinent crash data to include speeds and braking events.
  • Full Analysis and Reconstruction of Motorcycle Collisions, which includes:
    • Motorcycle Inspections
  • Traffic Light Timing Data Interpretation, which includes:
    • Determining Red Light Violations.
  • Drone Photography
    • Utilized on Vehicle and Collision Scenes.
  • 3D Laser Scanning of Vehicles
  • Laser Mapping and Scale Measuring of Vehicle and Collision Scenes

Please contact our office for more information, rate sheets, or curriculum vitaes.