Dr John Bateman, M.D.


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 West Jordan, Utah

John Bateman, M.D., a medical doctor, board-certified in emergency medicine has started with Collision Forensics and Engineering after deciding he wanted to explore being an expert witness. John has been practicing as a board-certified emergency medicine physician since 2009. He’s worked in several emergency departments large and small throughout Oregon, Utah, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Additionally, he works as a senior aviation medical examiner to provide medical certification for pilots. John has also briefly worked with insurance review, outpatient infusion services and as a partner in a clinic that provides medical care specifically tailored to patients involved in car accidents. John will be using his expertise, experience and training as a board-certified emergency physician to provide Forensics Medical Analysis and Medical Causation opinions. He will be focusing more on the medical aspect of his education and experience rather than biomechanics. His experience gives him a very unique look at injury and injury causation. His credentials avoid a lot of struggles the courts go through regarding medicine versus biomechanics as well as practices, industry standards, treatments, etc. He is going to be a great asset to CFandE, to you and we feel he will pair nicely with our crash reconstruction consultants here at CFandE.